algorithmic modeling for Rhino

For anyone looking at classic double layer gridshells (Mannheim, Weald and Downland etc) this set of components will be useful. There are tools to create centreline geometry (for analysis etc), lath cutting patterns, and solid geometry for modelling/visualisation.

This is relatively untested so apologies for any bugs that may exist - let me know if you find any.




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interesting work, thank you, is there any detail for beginners

Hi Spiral

The paper Gridshell Tectonics gives a good introduction to timber lath gridshells. Basically, the timber laths are straight and follow geodesic lines on a surface. The centrelines component generates the basic geometry by offsetting geodesic lines from a surface, and the other components use the resulting data to generate the solid geometry, connectors and cutting patterns.

I've recently tweaked the components - updated GHA and sample 3DM files attached.



Hi Alex
I'm trying to download files Freeform.ghx, but it seems it fails,
Thank you if you have little guidance

Try right clicking the link and selecting 'Save Target As...' to download the file, and you might need to change the extension from 'XML' to GHX once you've downloaded. Most browsers recognise GHX files as XML and try to display them, resulting in a sreen full of code.

wow~ really cool~

Well! Thanks Alex

thanks for this tools! :D

Hmmm... when i open this file it say "there are four unrecognized objects in the file maybe due to a plug in not installed". It there something Im forgetting? Thanks.. your work is wonderful!

Sorry for not replying sooner, I've been away for a couple of weeks. Not sure what's causing your error, but I've attached the latest version of Gridshell Components and a new example file which should work fine. Older GH definitions won't work with this version as I've changed the way some of the component inputs and outputs. I've also added some new tools, including one that generates a unique clamp for each lath intersection (see below).


Wonderful, Thank you!

Very generous of you to share. Thank you very much.

The column definition is looking for components I don't have:

Dowel Connectors

Geodesic line

Woven Centrelines.

Hi Jonah

You'll need to save the 'Gridshell Components.GHA' file to your Grasshopper Components folder - see my reply to BonBon above for the latest version of Gridshell Components which has the components you mention. Also attached is an updated GH definition and base 3dm file for the lath column which works with the new version of Gridshell Components.

Please note this is written around GH 0.8.0066 and I haven't yet tested it in 0.9.xxxx.









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