algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here is a grasshopper definition for adding inside and outside dogbone corner notches to a file that will be tab fit 90 degree cnc joints. These notches must be added to allow for the radius of the router bit.

You can change the bit size and tolerance offset.

This uses the smart bake component from lunchbox but it is not required to make the definition work.

I started this definition based off of someone elses work on this forum but I cannot seem to find it. If anyone knows, please post here so I can give proper credit.

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Great job mate!

But I'd like to know in which unit system is the "Bit Diameter" parameter.


That is in imperial units, not metric. You should be able to change that input and the offset input to whatever values will work for you.

This is incredible, thank you so much, so helpful!

This is very helpful! Thank you very much.

I don't quite understand the 'bit diameter' slider though. Is it supposed to be radius rather than diameter? The notch seems to be twice the size of the router bit.


very cool!






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