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I'm new to Kangaroo. Sorry if this was already discussed or of there's an example file that I did not see.

I'm trying to simulate a simple curtain. Just a piece of cloth that is suspended from a couple of anchor points and touches the floor at the bottom. (see attached file)

I wonder how to add a more realistic behavior to the mesh. Right now, when the curtain touches the floor, all the vertices stay exactly in the vertical plane of the original mesh and it does not fold properly. How can this be achieved? Do I have to address the angle between adjoining mesh edges, so that the mesh does not fold onto itself?

I added some wind to get the curtain out of the original plane, but I would prefer to achieve some folds just by "gravity" and "stiffness of the curtain".

(I also added a sphere collide component, that I saw in other example files, but I don't get what it does.)

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Jonathan,

See the attached example - hope this helps.

I've anchored a few points along the top of the mesh, and included a slider to bring these together horizontally.

The SphereCollide component is a way of stopping the mesh passing through itself, so it will fold more like a real fabric. It also has the effect of giving it some bending resistance.

The definition includes a 'nudge' button which you can click once at the start to give the simulation an initial knock out of plane. While in the real world buckling happens naturally, in the simulation we need to include these imperfections or it will all stay in the same plane as it started.

(I also included a weaverbird subdivision of the output to give a smoother looking result)


Thank you Daniel! This was very helpful.
The attached file as well as your explanations.

Much appreciated!


I tried to open your gh-file but I think it says that I don't have your version of kangaroo 2.4.2. I downloaded the latest version (2.4.2) but it still says the same thing. Do you know what could be the problem? I link the screenshots. 

Thanks in regard!



Have you unblocked the files?






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