algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Couldn't help myself in building this quick definition of how how a cubic bezier (or degree 3 NURBS) curve is "constructed" after watching Peter Nowell's great video explanation and animation (here). It uses a simple c# script to create the "animation" all of which is accessible in the .gh file, and allows you to move the points around in rhino and watch how that effects the derivation of the curve.

(if gif is not animating, try attached file below)

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Clever stuff I confess, bravo.

Would you interested to work together for some 3d nurbs "demo"? (only C# not a single component around).

best, Peter


I'm always interested in collaborating. Send me an email and let me know what you're thinking -

Wow! Simple and clear!
Thanks to Peter Nowell and thank You, Josh!

I'm not a math expert, but I should clarify that a cubic bezier curve is equivalent to a degree 3 NURBs curve only under specific conditions (most notably that the degree of the NURBs curve is one less than the number of control points), and that the names are not interchangeable (i.e. bezier is not just another way of saying NURBs).

Hello Josh,

It seems I was studying Bezeir curves at the same time as you, and I put together this definition which draws curves up to Degree 6.


Cheers, Nikos



This is an excellent definition you've created! Very well done, and thank you for sharing.






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