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Hi All,


I'm not sure how useful this is, but this definition creates a cubic bezier curve on the XY plane using formulas (no graph mapper).


Why? you ask.  I needed to implement the formula in code outside of grasshopper, but Grasshopper seemed like a perfect environment to work out the logical bugs.



Hiroshi Jacobs


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Hi Hiroshi,

Nice work. I'm going to model a simple room with a ceiling that has a cross section of cubic bezier curve, the room will be used for the purpose of daylihting analysis using Diva, additionally I'd like to use Galapagos to test a variety of the 4 control points that control the curve shape to get the best results ? do you have any ideas how to implement that?. I looked everywhere in how to code the bezier equation in grasshopper , but no luck. so I'm thrilled to find your post ,it seems that you're the only who was able to do it !

Please note I'm a beginner in Grasshopper 






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