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I'm currently trying to use Honeybee to analyze the glare present in HDR photos that I recently took of a project that just finished construction. I’ve heard that Honeybee has the capability to turn HDR files to false color to assess this, which is my ultimate goal. However, whenever I hook it up to try to do so I get an error saying “1. Solution exception:name 'maskThreshold_' is not defined”. I’ve attached the gh file and an example of the photos I’m trying to convert. Any ideas?

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This happens if you update the file and not replace the component. If you check the forum you will find a number of similar discussions. Just drag a new component from Honeybee tab and it will work fine.

Also send your ladybug + honeybee questions to the ladybug forum.

Hi Mostapha, can you please let me know what module was used to create the false color image on the right side of the Grasshopper window?

Also I am seeing an error in the Falsecolor module " cant find falsecolor2.exe " yet I do have falsecolor2.exe saved in my C:\Radiance\bin folder. Can you please advise what the issue is?

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