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Hi David,

I am sure there is a bug in the Boundary Surfaces component. It seems to be changing the order of items.

Here is an example of the attached file where the centre of the rectangle is calculated for analysis:

The Results should be a thinner block at the bottom of a column tapering up to a thicker one at the top.

You can see from the Rhino Window that this is not the case where as now with the Boundary Surface centre used for the analysis:

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Boundary Surface is like the PlanarSrf command, it operates on a list of items. Sometimes multiple curves define a single boundary and sometimes multiple closed boundaries are nested and should result in a single surface. The way Rhino sorts the input means that the order will not be the same.

To keep the order the same, you should either Graft your input or just plug each curve directly into a Surface parameter as that guarantees a 1:1 conversion.

The same problem arises with things like Join, the order is always messed up afterwards.


David Rutten

Of cause, thanks.

Originally I did have it Grafted but I noticed this behaviour when it was flattened and thought I should mention it, but it appears to be just a brain fart moment on my part






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