algorithmic modeling for Rhino

A few people have asked for this so here it is.

Disclaimer: It is one of my definitions which almost certainly means someone else could do it in half the number of components or someone will point out that there's a component plugin already that does it 1000 times faster!

You can select number of weaves in X or Y directions for a flat surface.

Similarly, U and V divisions on a curved surface.

It also worked on a loft through curves.

You can change the thickness of the weave and the depth of the weave.

It will probably go wrong on some surfaces! At least make sure you have flat surfaces in the XY plane.

It could be modified to allow varying weave widths across the surface so the weave doesn't overlap where a surface necks for example.

It uses the awesome Weaverbird and [Uto] mesh tools. Tweak the weaverbird components to suit your mesh smoothing needs.

Please post a photo of what you use it for here!

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thank you for sharing this.



Thank you!

NIce ... its superfast . 

Hey, thanks for sharing!

I'm not quite getting it to work - any idea what plugin (?!) I'm missing here?

I thought the Points List component was standard GH... it just numbers points so you can figure out what is going on. I've removed those components as you don't need them so try this version and see if it works...

I think you should only need Weaverbird and Mesh Edit plugins.


Haha yes, it should be standard in GH. I thought maybe it was a component with the same / similar name coming from another plugin. It doesn't give me any errors now but I still can't get a weave to display. 

It seems like it's not constructing any meshes, or well the meshes are as thin / flat as lines. This is the result I get out of the merge-component. I get the same result out of the wbjoin-component. 

Wbunify gives me the error "WbProcessingException: Two consecutive edges, 3 and 0, have the same value,0, in face 0. This topology is invalid. Try using Weaverbird's Clean Up Mesh first. - Weaverbird was unable to produce a valid result because of this."

Using a Kangaroo Combine&Clean-component before it results in the error "ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Array is empty. Parameter name: array."

Am I using this in the wrong way?

Are you working in mm or inches?

Possibly, if you are in inches, then you need to tweak the values to avoid overlapping meshes etc.

Otherwise I don't know why it would not work on your setup. Are you using Rhino5 and the latest GH?

Wasn't using the latest version of GH - thanks! Working fine now :-) Thanks for sharing a nice script. What I tried to get a similar result wasn't working out quite as good as I wanted it to.

thank you very much, downloading

Great, thanks for sharing!






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