algorithmic modeling for Rhino

here are two ascii art generators - corny perhaps but could be useful (maybe)

one of them makes text data and the other uses Giulio's GH txtLines component and thusly makes geometry.

The one that makes geometry automatically evalutes the area of the input characters where as the text based version does not so you should input your character string accordingly. Think light to dark; for example, a "+" sign whould be lighter than an "@" sign.

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Ha, ha


Great definition!!!

You can also use the "find similar member" component to find the character with the closest brightness (after remapping from the darkest and brightest characters of the set) rather than just ordering them, and to be able to add additional characters without having to add new components. Notice also the use of GH branches to be able to use characters that create more than one surface when exploding them:



Thank you Vicente.






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