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Another question for today. I'm creating a grid of twisted boxes, which I later want to use for extracting a wireframe for t-splines - see the picture below, where I deleted the boxes manually. To get this hole-grid, I need to get rid of every 2nd item in every 2nd row, or some variation on that (3 item every 4th row, etc etc.). I'm guessing this is basic stuff but I can't figure it out. Anyone know?




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Components needed:

Param Viewer, Cull Nth, Split Tree, Shift Paths, Merge


Thanks very much Danny, this looks like the kind of thing I need! I still encounter some problems though, as you can see in the picture. The obvious thing is that I have only 1 branch, but there may be other problems too. Can this be solved easily, or is my approach to creating the boxes wrong?



You can group the boxes into columns using this method:


Also you should note that there are some incorrect wiring issues with the image above.






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