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At 6:55am on February 21, 2020, Jayraj Ghatge said…

Greetings Chris.

How can I apply PV panels on the surface of a building in ladybug/ honeybee? I want to simulate the difference in the solar heat gain inside the building in case of Glass vs PV panel.

At 3:34pm on February 2, 2019, artemátyika said…

Dear Chris,

While using Honeybee, I am confused about 0 and 1 values as input for 'stepOfSimulation' from my 11 hours-analysis period and the correspondence to 'visualize microclimate maps' and 'color surfaces by EP results' components.

Having set a period from 9:00 to 19:00 for a single day (10th december), and using a slider from 0 to 10 (11 values, 0 is 9:00), the following mismatch occurs:

  • setting value 0 works for surface temperature but not for mean radiant temperature (warning says "stepofSimulation is outside the bounds of the comfResultMTX", but I do have 11 values from radiant temp matrix).

  • setting value 1 is rendered as "hour 2 of simulation" for surface temperature (FIG 1) and as "9:00" of radiant temperature (FIG 2).

It seems there is a slide of 1 hour. How should I interpret this?

Kind regards,


At 11:32pm on November 23, 2018, zhaochuan said…

Hi Chirs,

    I am sorry to disturb you . When I use the honeybee to do the dynamic daylight simulation . I meet a problem . When I set the blind's angle to 90° and the quality to 2 , the DA is not 0 .I think it is wrong .Could you tell me how to solve it .

Thank for you in advance.



At 3:54am on November 18, 2018, Shahrokh Kamyab said…

Hello Chris!

On the subject of epw files I have a question , I received a weather file from  Meteonorm (attached) which gives errors when I use EP analysis in GH.

I test the same fime with other epw file from ladybugtools and it works. 

Have you encountered such problem before? are epw friles from meteonorm not compatible with ladybug? 

Error message is also attached.Image%201.jpg

Best regards



At 5:06am on July 30, 2018, fatima belok said…

Hello chris,

how are you

I am facing an error in honey bee could you help me plzz

the error is :

1. Failed to download the files needed to run EnergyPlus with OpenStudio 2.x.
SystemError('The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.',)

2. Failed to download the files needed to PostProcess EnergyPlus results with OpenStudio 2.x.
SystemError('The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.',)

 hope to reply as soon as possible



At 10:21am on July 28, 2018, Elham Soltani said…

Hi Dear Chris,

I hope all is well. I have encountered with this error in Grasshoper while previously I did not have that and the script worked. I appreciate if could help me to solve this problem. I have a deadline and I really need that.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

At 9:16pm on November 29, 2017, JS Lee said…

Dear Chris

I'm Studying Therm. & simulating with Honeybee Therm components.

My question is 

There are three methods to calculate boundary conditions in therm. (simplified, comprehensive, radiation enclosure surface) Among them, the "simplified" method is known to be usedwhen the film coefficient considers radiation.

However, the "simplified" method could not be used in the honeybee therm component. Is there a way to use the simplified method?

At 8:53pm on November 18, 2017, 杨宇辉 said…

Hi Chris,

i'm  running contour mesh in ladybug,but  a little problem occur .

look the pic , I believe it's easy to fix , i want to know how to fix the code.

At 12:25am on November 6, 2017, fateme said…

Hi chris,

I want to run the energy simulation in honeybee,and i took all the necessary inputs, but when i set to true "run energy plus" nothing was happened! even no error was occurred!

what should i do?

thanks in advance,


At 2:29pm on October 3, 2017, Angelo Figliola said…

Hi Chris,

I'm running a daylight's simulation of an office and i would like to try the performance of light diffusing materials. I know that honeybee can import the .xml files and if i remember well Okalux has shared this files. Where can i find the files?

Thanks in advance,


At 7:28pm on September 12, 2017, Aziz BOUKARA said…

Hi Chris;

I'm running your example shown in your presentation on Youtube, until the presentation all things are OK, but from the  (number 8)


I get some error cause some components are different 

Thanks in advance. 

Merci par avance.


At 7:48am on June 8, 2017, Angelo Figliola said…

Hi Chris,

I am in trouble with the preparation of the model for the energy analysis with honeybee. To better explain the design concept i will attach a jpeg file and the .gh file. The idea behind is quite simple: i have an adiabatic room, so no sun exposure, and a surface expose on the south. This surface is discretize by nine opaque's panels, A in the jpeg file, and three glass surfaces, B.

I set up the model in this way:

- five adiabatic surface;

- two different type of materials for glass (B) and opaque part (A) of the surface.

The problem seems  to be after the Honeybee Create Zones component. If i give the same material, glass, to hall the surfaces it works fine.

I cannot identify the problem with this process. Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance!



At 2:15pm on April 27, 2017, Ivan Cholakov said…

Hallo, Chris!

I have a question about the paid learning tutorials of Ladybug and Honeybee on Vimeo.

I will purchase 10 of them (this is how much my university grant covers). But I am not sure if some episodes aren`t covering the same topics.

Ep.27: "LadyBug Parametric Climate Analysis" seems to be similar to Ep. 1 & 2: "Ladybug Climate Analysis Workshop Part I & II". 

Ep. 31: "HoneyBee for Energy Analysis" sounds like Ep. 5 & 6: "Honeybee Energy Modelling Part I & II".

If the contents of these are similar to one another, i will just choose other videos from the list. There are enough goodies.

Thank you in advance!



At 8:39am on April 26, 2017, sepehr seyedian said…

Hello Chris

When we are creating Honeybee_Add to EnergyPlus Library where are they being saved ( I mean in local Disc c )?

If by coincidence I use the name which is already exist in EnergyPlus library will the original data be replaced?

Thanks in advance.

At 4:00am on April 18, 2017, Angelo Figliola said…

Hi Chris,

I am in trouble with the Honeybee_Solve Adjacencies component (the connection between internal zone and a ground floor) and i was not able to find the error in the workflow. There is something in the model that i cannot recognize as an error. Can someone help me? I am going crazy. The reed baloon says just this "1. Solution exception:bce01e33-8f6a-46ac-8de9-d1d1f728b0d0".

I have tried to modify the tolerance in Rhino as suggested by Abraham but it doesn't work. I really don't know where is it the problem.

Attached you can find the file with all the data internalized.

Thanks in advance.

At 2:22pm on February 21, 2017, Doaa said…

Hi Chris,

I have rented and been watching your workshops on Performance network and I came across this problem..

HB glazing isn't recognizing the window.. 

Could you help me with that..



At 11:33pm on November 12, 2016, leila pasandi said…

Hello Chris

I have whritten a discussion but nobody answers it.I hope you know the answer.

It is here:

I have a problem with my analysis. I want to analyze the floor of an interior room in a building for radiation and daylight autonomy. Radiation comes from energy and the unit is kwh/m2. So energyplus should analyze this, and I need to model my building with all of the thicknesses of interior walls and exterior walls. And I should give EP materials to my model. Am I right?

And for Daylight Autonomy analysis I need to give RAD materials to my model. So for this analysis Do I need to give the thicknesses of interior walls and exterior walls?

I don't know where I am wrong!!

If you know anything about this please help me


At 3:58am on September 20, 2016, Marcello_t said…

Thank you Chris!

At 5:42am on September 18, 2016, Marcello_t said…

Hi Chris!

I am following your lessons on your Youtube channel Very interesting and clear.

Thank you.

I have a question for you: is it possible to set an analysis period on the 3D Chart component? I would like, for example, to visualize only the dry bulb temperatures in summer...

Thank you!

At 4:47pm on September 14, 2016, Angelo Figliola said…
Hi Chris,

I am attending the Ladybug+Honeeybee webinar series and i have a problem with the first Workshop "Ladybug Facade and shade design" part.1. I did not receive the example file with the cluster for control all The building parameters. I also wrote to the organizer. Is it possible to have it?






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