Mid-brain Activation Technique

Do anyone know about this technique? “Ten-year-old Gade Parineetha seems to have a special ability. She can identify or read from flash cards when blindfolded, by smell and sense. She has set a world record by doing so with as many as 101 flash cards in a matter of 60 seconds and entered the Limca Book of World Records, Unique World Records, Wonder Book of Records and four more book of records…”

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    There are different aspects to keep in mind when it comes to develop special aptitudes. Fortunatelly, there are a many developed methods that you can use when you try to improve your mind abilities. But the most effective is to understand that your thinking process is based on all the concepts that are registered in your individual conceptual mind structure. To abe able to improve your mind capabilities efficiently the best way is to understand how your individual mind structure works. Then you can improve your mind connectivity level and gradually activate the dormant potential of your brain.