Snail generation with logarithmic spiral and torus

Here is 2 ghx (one with GH 0.80066 and the other with GB 0.9.0005 ) for generation of snail  with logarithmic spiral and torus.

Radius = exp (b*angle), in order to minimize problem I have done adimensional size. So the diameter is near 10 units. 

In order to be fast I plug the circle instead of torus

First example

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    Duncan W

    This is pretty amazing.

    I'm trying hard to create a loxodrome with Grasshopper but your definition escapes me as it uses mostly custom math rather than Grasshopper components.

    How would you recommend going at a loxodrome using just Grasshopper components?

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      Fakinos Konstantinos

      very interesting work and thank you for the files! i would like to make a shell like the first image with your definition. I need to design again the part in second image to fit to next scaled part but also i need to find the math formula for each part to fit to the next. Also how can i avoid the first very small parts because are too small but use much RAM. pl any help? thanks!

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      Natalia De Leon

      Hi Laurent! this is really cool, thanks for sharing!,
      I am trying to do something similar, to build a surface of diferent spirals. I would like to know, how did you get to the scales factors of the circles? Im having troubles to understand the definition and the equations you are using to get that list of numbers. Is there a way to simplify the equation to only one? Thank you!