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Generative Materials for
V-Ray 2 and V-Ray 3

GRay is a Parametric Material Generator for the Rhino Render Plugin V-Ray, with a flexible and easy to use interface.

The functions of the first version are limited to Standard Materials. Basically this plugin writes vrmat files and loads them into your scene. So beware of using too much materials, this can expand your render time. I recommend to stay under 200 (depends on your hardware), which can be achieved by making Branches of geometry for each material. See the example files for more information.

You can find your renderings in a subfolder next to your Grasshopper file.

Optionally, you can use the FFMPEG extension. FFMPEG is a handy video encoder which can be downloaded here:

Just find the ffmpeg.exe and place it next to your saved gh file or in your System32 folder. This will automatically create a mp4 video and a high quality gif.

Bugs /Limitations

GRay is not really stable and throws exceptions from time to time, so note that I am not responsible for any damage caused by this plugin.

* Currently not compatible with RT-Rendering!
* Limited performance (for the benefit of better compatibility).
* No support for the V-Ray 3 built-in Grasshopper components.

Here a quick overview of the component palette:

This first Version features:

GRay Render Machine: Directly renders Grasshopper geometry.

Material Layers: Diffuse // Reflection // Refraction // Emissive.

Texture Libraries: A lot of Noise Textures are available, as well as Bitmap and Fresnel Textures.

GRay FFMPEG extention: Automatically generates high quality mp4 videos and gifs.

GRay runs with:

Rhinoceros 5.0 (en)

Grasshopper 09.0076

V-Ray for Rhino 2 + V-Ray for Rhino 3



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