algorithmic modeling for Rhino

When I tried to model a field driven structure,

1) it takes so long time when I connected a "wasp field component" to a "wasp filed driven aggregation."

2) Once connected, error messages were popped up:

- A "Wasp Field Points" component became red. The error message was, "out of the range."

- Another error: bounding box or brep should "not be singular."

I do not understand what those messages mean. Also, I had a hard time to set up the field.

Please refer to the attached:

- The field has been drawn as a "box" in the Rhino file. I could not Brep it since it took a long time and crashed. 

Please advise. Thank you!


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the problem is that you should always adjust the resolution of your FieldPts component to the size of your field boundary. In your case, your field boundary is 300000 units, so using a resolution of 10, you are creating a field of 30000x20000x20000 points, which crashes Rhino!

If you adjust the resolution to a more reasonable number (10000 for example, see attached file), everything works fine.

Thank you very much for your notes. Quick questions:

Question 1 -

Is there a way that makes "the WASP box modules" to stick to the bottom of the field box? For example, if a building is modeled, the modules of the building should stand up from the site (bottom surface of the field).

Question 2 -

Once I tried your file, the field worked. However, when I tried to hit the "reset" button, the module configuration did not change. Only once the overall module shape changed and for the second hit of rest did not work.

Please advise. Thank you!

Question 1: yes, you can. You can create a base for your aggregation using the transform part to move some parts to the bottom of the box, and then plug them in the PREV input of the aggregation component. The aggregation will start from there.

Question 2: the field aggregation is an exact aggregation, which creates the best possible aggregation to fit the given field. This means that the aggregation will not change, unless you change the field itself.

Thank you Andrea!

For the Q1, I have tried. However, I have another a transform part (solid difference part), so I was confused where I should connect the base (aggregation starting surface) transform component to. Please refer to the attached file.

Could you please help?

Thank you so much. 


You need to use the Wasp TransformPart component, not the Grasshopper Transform.

Attached a working file.







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