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What is the difference between Wallacei, Octapus, and Galapagos?

Hey, I am completely new but I would like to start multi-objective optimization but I cannot find my answer to my question above. I hope you guys can help me.

Plus, I appreciate anyhelp on where I can learn multi-objective optimization for energy consumption of buildings.

Thank you in advance!

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Galapagos is a single-objective evolutionary solver

Thank you very very much @igor ! and do you know the difference between Wallacei and Octopus? 

From what I understand, although I never used octopus, they are using different genetic algorithms (NSGA-II (faster but believed to be less accurate) for wallacei and SPEA-2 for octopus). Wallacei is also more focused on automated results selection/visualisation and is much more user-friendly overall. I'm following the project for some time now and it seems to be developing quite fast too.

This post might be helpful to you. check it out:

And as for learning, check out the Youtube channel and Rhino 6 example files,






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