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Hi, I've download wallacei X but I have some trouble in using it: when I connect all variable slider to the genome, and open and run the wallacei X interface, all slider become orange and the model stop working without iterate any individuals (the panel connected to my variable genome says me that is not value). Is this a bug or my problem? 

I've tried with a simple model and it works, but with my girder beams model not seem to work. 

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Leonardo, 

Please send us a screenshot of the problem. so we can better understand the problem. Also feel free to send us the file 

Hi, thank you for reply! Unfortunately the model is so complicated and huge in file dimension. but I post the screen of what I see. When I launch wallacei, the model going crazy and also the graphic model became a total different form like you can see. The vents of the computer is working so I suppose it's working, but it seems that the slider number don't be recognize as number when I launch wallacei and the model stop working; when I use other plugin like Galapagos or other all works. 

Hope you can help me!



I simplified as much as I can my model to let you investigate why wallacei doesn't work.

As I mentioned, when I launch wallacei, it breaks and all connector become orange.

Let me know if someone can help me please, because I need an interface like wallacei does, instead of Galapagos or octopus that are too simplified.



Hi Leonardo

Thank you for your screenshots. But it is very hard for us to find out where the problem is with the screenshot you sent us from the GH canvas. Can you please either send us a high-res screenshot of the entire canvas or upload the GH file which is even much better.

In the meanwhile, from what we saw in one your screenshots of a Rhino scene, in the Rhino command line WallaceiX is notifying you that “there is a null objective”. This stems from two reasons:

  • Either one of the objectives you have connected to the WallaceiX is null due to miscalculation of the objective or other mathematical or geometrical reason in your definition. Here is a video explaining this:
  • You may have connected all the objectives to the WallaceiX within one single number parameter. The best practice is to have one number parameter for each objective separately. Here is a video explaining this:

Sorry, I forgot to upload the simplified model. 

Here it is.

The command line in WallaceiX has a number when I connect it, but when I laungh Wallacei, something in my model goes wrong and many of the number I provided in it seem to be null indipendently of the number it has in.

It's hard to explain.

Look at the model; it's connected only one parameter that has huge number (from 50 to 230 if I'm not wrong). It seems to not recognize results of some operation I've provided in it: in the initial part of the script, some multiplication grasshopper tab (for example) gave me a number. This connect to another one, sometimes crash (this is the reason of the orange connector). But I can't understand why this happen only when I use wallacei, because the model is right (also with other optimization plugin).



Thanks for sending your file.

I opened your file and did a few tests and noticed where the issue is. As you can see in the first screenshot, in the file you have sent me, only one number slider (Altezza Interna Sez Trave) connected to the Genes input of WallaceiX (First Image). I opened the UI ran the simulation and found out that there is no change in your numerical value of your objective (Costo Complessivo Opere Strutturali Penalizzato). This means that this number slider (Altezza Interna Sez Trave) you have connected to the WallaceiX is not changing the value of the objective. I confirmed this by changing this slider and monitoring the value in the panel. Then I connect all the number sliders (genes) to WallaceiX (just like the way you have connected them to Galapagos) (Second Image) and ran the simulation with WallaceiX one more time and everything is working fine as you can the screenshot of a finished simulation with WallaceiX attached (Third Image). Make sure you connect all the number sliders (genes) that are facilitating the changes in your objectives to the WallaceiX .

I think I've disconnected too much panel, because that first slider influence the global cost of the structure; but indipendently from this, I've done the same procedure and for me this don't work. Always same orange connector and wallacei don't work. I'm trying to install a previous version of rhino to see if this can help, but I really don't know.

Which version of rhino do you have?

Wallacei works for both Rhino 5 (SR13 onwards) and Rhino 6 (My Rhino 6 is the recent update SR11). (you should install the right version from Food4Rhino tho)

I am not sure if I understand the orange connector. Make sure you have "minimize rhino" checked in the Wallacei UI cause it significantly increases the speed. You may need to wait a little bit more due to the computational power of your machine. But I have checked your GH definition several times and every time it works just fine.  

Hi I'me Lorenzo, I'me trying to start wallacei x but the logo isn't purple and I can't start a simulation I've seen many tutorial but no one work on my pc... Someone can help me? I can send my algortim if need

Hi Lorenzo,


The logo turns purple when there is data inside (if you ran the simulation) so it has nothing to do with your problem.

Now back to your problem, what do you mean you can’t start the simulation? your question is not clear. Do you mean that you cannot open the UI? or you mean when you click start the simulation won’t start?  Please be specific with your question and share your file otherwise it is very hard for me to help.






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