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Can we resume the simulation from the point where Rhino crashes. I noticed that the Wallacie passes through the same solutions if we do not change the seed number. If it is possible , how please?

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This feature is not available now, but we may activate this feature in the future releases if we receive more requests.

Hi Milad,

Thank you for your reply, it will be great if you add resume and simulation by section.

Please , is there any recommendation to avoid Rhino craches? the population size is 2100, the model works good in the first 500 then stops.

Make sure the GH file does not have a faulty that could possibly be triggered later on in the simulation.

To quickly check the issues, run a single generation simulation with a large size, something like 1000 individuals (Gen size: 1000, Gen Count: 1). If there will be any null solutions, then you can reinstate them back to GH and find where the problem is. 

You can also upload your file for us to take a look at it as well. 


How we can reinstate the null solutions back to GH please ?

thank you


Please ,How to automate the stopping process in wallacei when there is no improvement in fitness objectives? any examples on that please ?

This feature is not available to the public now, it may be included in future releases if we receive more request. You need to stop the simulation by clicking "stop" once you see no progress in the optimisation (via graphs) 

I found that I need just 120 simulations to reach the optima it normal? No of genes= 12,,No of values= 2334,,No of fitness functions= 2.






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