algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i have a question how do you set your goal in wallacei, i knowrest that in the example file they use a number components which they named after the instructions or goals they want to achive, but it is just a tittle for the component or does that gives the instruction? if you can help me i'd appreciate it.

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Hi Carol,

By instruction I’m guessing you mean ‘objective’.

When you run Wallacei, what it does is it tries to make the objectives you input into the component (what you’re calling instructions) smaller. I.e. the ‘goal’ is always for Wallacei to make whatever number you feed into it smaller. Wallacei doesn’t care what you name the number parameter, that is just for you to make it easier when you read the results in the graphs, and so that holds no impact on the algorithm optimising.

but i think it's worth mentioning here that naming the number components with a "wlc_" prefix will allow you to automatically connect the inputs to the wallacei component. (thank you for implementing this function BTW, it saves so much time)






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