algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello, if we input energy and structure objectives Simultaneously, do we can obtain good result? (or we should do this process Separately)

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Your question is very vague. This depends on many factors. Please refer to this post by David Rutten on how to ask an effective question

Sorry, you're right, I'll explain that by an example:in tower design i want to optimize Diagrid Structure with karamba (Minimize displacement for example like your example file of wallacei2.5) and also i want to optimize radiation (minimize total radiation like your example file of wallacei2.5) if i use both of methods(Structure and Energy analysis) simultaneously, according to your experience, is it correct? or should i optimize one of them first and after that optimize another one.

sorry i,m roughly amatour in wallacei.

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Yes you can, you can optimise using karmba, kangaroo and ladybug all within the same definition if you wish, it doesn't matter what (or how many) different plugins you use when using Wallacei. A determining factor may be time, or complexity of the design problem, which may make you consider splitting the different optimising criteria into different problems, but from a technical point of view, there is no issue.






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