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Hello community,

I'm looking for references to simulate fluid systems ins Grasshopper. More precisely I want to simulate the behavior of a substance (real or pseudo-physical) which collides with obstacles or multiple substances behaving in a reaction-diffusion manner. I have no experience with the SPM components yet but this example gave me a lot of excitement though.

Anyone experienced in this?

Creative Regards,


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Hi Patrick,

Getting into fluid dynamics is definitely one of the directions these components are headed...As of now, we have few inter particle forces (the usual suspects: distance from neighbours, attraction to average point, alignment with neighbours). Ideally, we're looking at implementing a kind of SPH behaviour, but we're not quite there yet. Also, even the current inter particle forces are quite slow, so we'll need to optimize this.

Thanks for your reply Daniel, I definitely keep an eye on what you guys are developing.






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