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Hi all,

I've been doing a uni project involving points and fields of influence. Basically what I've been trying to achieve is a series of points (A) that have a field of influence on a series of points (B). I have managed to achieve this without SPM components but its not very variable. I was guided to the SPM components as I was told they would suit what I need better. I've made a script with a gravity sink but I think its the wrong component for my needs as points just start shooting off once they reach the attractor.

What I want of them is to be able to vary the intensity of the fields of A individually, even turning some completely off. I want them to cluster around the points A depending on how strong the pull is. I think I may need to manipulate lists in some way to do this but I'm not sure as I'm still sort of new to this.

Any help would be great,

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and this is what ive come up with. you just need to reference a few points in rhino and its ready to go.


Hi Amar,

Here's a tweaked version of your file. Basically, one problem is that the gravity component has by default an exponential fall off function. This means that when particles get very close to the source, the velocity explodes, causing them to shoot off. They are then so far from the source that the force due to gravity is too small to bring them back. 

So, what you can do is set the fall off parameter (h) to zero. They will then behave like undamped springs (ish). If you set the overall drag parameter to something quite high, you can start to get clustering.

As for the dynamic part, all parameters in all the components are updated every frame, so you change whatever you want. 

Here's the file...


Thanks for that Daniel,

It's my first time playing with the tools so its hard to know what I'm doing wrong, but you've solved that bit nicely.

I explored it further with the basic grasshopper tools after becoming frustrated by gravity and have gotten it working here, for anyone else who may need something like me:

Thanks again






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