algorithmic modeling for Rhino

can someone show me the definition    and i cant find any example of spiderweb,can someone help me , thx 

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Hallo Wiku?

The slide you took is from a presentation given at the SpaceSyntaxSymposium in Seoul. SpiderWeb takes only a small roll most of the definition ist about creating the line geometry. I can have a look if I find the old definitions, unfortunately (for you) I am currently on maternal leave with only limited time.

But there are a few examples to be found:


Maybe they can help

Best Richard

look forward to the definition

look forward to the definition

Hi Wiku?

Please find the file attached. it is somehow documented but not realy. If you have specific questions other than: How does that work... I am more than happy to help.

Best Richard


Richard Hi, 

The links above direct to the main page of TU Wien's Architecture faculty page as I guess. And because it's German, it's not easy to navigate the menus. So I couldn't find the documentation section. Can you help me with that or send an updated link? 







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