algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Really cool plugin, thank you thank you thank you for this! Simple suggestion: can you include in the global unit setup a conversion for millimeter?

You currently have meter for default and conversion for feet and inches but a lot of time the jobs in asia and europe can benefit from using mm as units, especially for easy interface with Revit.

Even though I can fix it by going into the battery I think it's simple enough for you to just add one line in all the batteries, or have Skindesigner_skindesigner control unit for all components so I don't have to fix them one by one.

Thank you!

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Thanks  for your suggestion Jun. You are right, should be pretty straight forward to add millimetres. I will let you know once I post the update in SkinDesigner's github.



wow, super fast response, thank you!!

Millimeter units now supported. 

Please download the latest update from SkinDesinger's Github. This update includes 10 SkinDesigner components. Please let me know if you have any issues.


FYI, added LayoutFunction component to the update. 






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