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Hi Santiago,

I'm trying to connect a definition based on Chris Mackey's SkinDesigner/Ladybug tutorial to Wallacei in order to run an optimisation, but this keeps crashing my Rhino. Mohammed Makki (co-author of Wallacei) is helping me debug the issue (conversation at: The definition runs fine on his computer, but something on my end isn't working out.

It seems the issue might be with the fact that the 'SkinDesigner_SkinGenerator' component automatically bakes geometry into my Rhino scene every time the canvas recomputes. Is there a way to disable this functionality and stop it from baking the geometry?

I attach the definition below if you want to have a look at it.

Look forward to hearing from you,


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Hi Larson,

Yes sure you can generate the required surfaces in gh without baking the scene. See the Skin Generator option  below.

Hope this helps, good luck!






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