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I have installed the GH python and when I drag and drop the skin designer files in grasshopper nothing appears

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Hi Muhab,

Not sure what is causing the problem, could you attach the SkinDesigner file that you are trying to open?.

Disregard my last message, did you try copying the files directly into the UserObjects folder (You can open the folder in GH with File->Special Folders ->User Object folder.

Also doesn't hurt to double check that the files have the .ghuser extension.

Let me know if this doesn't work.

Is it possible to send a grasshopper with skindesigner
Oh sorry I forgot to extract the files now it's opening thank you for your time

Great, glad its working!

Can you check my file it's not working for adaptive hexagonal skin
Is it possible to get your WhatsApp number for contacting you

Sorry,  I support SkinDesigner though the forum only. Beyond it'spractical reasons,  its also the best approach to document the issues and solutions for other people to benefit from. Feel free to ask questions and send files as needed, happy to help this way!

Please also troubleshoot on your side. Is this only a SkinDesigner problem?  Have you tried installing for instance Ladybug tools?  That plug-in follows exactly the same installation process. In that case I would look at their forum(a huge userbase) for similar problems. 







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