algorithmic modeling for Rhino


It is really cool plug-in!

I try to tutorial.1 this

But the "layout function" doesn't working.

what's the my problem?

Please give me the advice.

I'm very sorry my horrible eng level.

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Hi Nam,

Thanks for posting this bug. The problem was that the Layout Function did not support millimeter units. I added the new Layout Function with support for millimeter units in SkinDesinger's Github.

I also attached your script with the new



FYI, I also recommend updating to the new revision of SkinDesigner (includes other 10 components) from Github to natively support millimeter units. This should avoid other bugs when working in these units. The script I attached above includes all these new components.


Hi Snatiago

Thank you so much for fixed this bug.

It's working!

This plug-in is very interesting for me:) 

Glad to know is working! 


Hi Santiago

Could I ask about the Tutorial.2?

I can't understand part of "Add mullion". Because I don't know how to use script and I can't find Add Mullion component.

So, could you tell me about the detail of Add mullion part please?


Hi Nam,

 Yes that "Add mullion" is not a component, I created that just for the tutorial. It is actually just a text string that you plug in to the panel Definition input. The idea is to show how you can add a function call to the panel. It is a little bit advanced but not a critical thing to know for most of the cases.

In this case I used a grasshopper Format component to simply insert values to that string, hope that's clear.

Also, if you didn't download the tutorial script I suggest downloading it from the Hydra website, that way you can use this components and see how they work. This is the link to the Hydra file:  SD PanelBays Tutorial 2

Hope this helps!







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