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How can i morph a collection of curves (as 1 object/module/Unit) using Pufferfish ?

Hi Michael,

I am running into a problem when i try to morph a collection of curves after dividing 2 surfaces using pufferfish component ''TwistedBox2Srf''.

Here is the shape : (See image 1)

The component ''Morph'' turns Red saying ''Cannot morph from a degenerate box'' (image 2),

that's because every curve generates a box (image 3).

After what i check the Option ''Union'' box to make only one box for all the curves (image 4).

However, the result is aleatory and not accurate at all ... :/ (see image 6).

I know you are developing Pufferfish and not ''Morph'' component, but recently you publish on instagram a video where i believe you could morph and Twist with success a collection of curves (please see image 7 and 8)...

If you could give me a hint how that can be achieved, it would be awesome.

(Piping/Meshing the curves with very small diameter will perhaps work and help for visualisation purposes, but i actually just need morphing Raw curves for fabrication purposes).

Hope to read you very soon...

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This is a list issue. You need to either graft the twisted boxes into box morph or group the curves and plug the group into the box morph geometry. Right now you are Morphing one curve to each box and the remaining all go to the last box (longest list rules)

Side note about a degenerate box, this means it is a box that is flat with no volume, so there would be no way to morph from that.






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