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I am trying to get a minimum working example in Mantis to actually work. Some of the posts in this forum have been useful, especially regarding copying dlls, but I am stuck at the last step.

This is the video I talk about:

Everything works well up to minute 1:15 or so. The small window with the surface drawn appears for a second and then disappears. However, my surface is not rendered in Rhinoceros and what I get is the message "File c:\\contourplot.wrl not found"

I guess I need some wrl file to be imported but I have no idea where to download it from or what it is. I have tried creating an empty wrl file with Rhino and running the tutorial again to no avail.
Any ideas? I would appreciate any help. I am a mathematician and working with 3d models is not my daily bread and butter.

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Try to create a new folder with any name on C:\\NewFolder\\contourplot.wrl

Sometimes according to the system security settings, mantis can't create any file on the root of drive C:\\ 

Let me know if it works


thanks for your answer and sorry for my delay response, I have been travelling without access to my computer until now.

It is still not working. It says "File C:\\NewFolder\\contourplot.wrl not found, unable to open", it loks that it needs a countourplot file to be able to bake it in Rhino.

In parallel, I tried something strange to see what happens and it was to save a rhino file (that just contained a box) with the name contourplot.wrl in the C file. And it baked a box, but not my math surface. I do not know if that helps..

Any idea how could I solve the problem?

Thank you!



Just Write RH= before the function contour plot.

may be your code will have many objects and functions;only the object with the name RH will be exported. I am sure that this will fix your problem.

Look at the video on vimeo at 00:44 seconds to 00:50.

Also, hover the mouse on the input Q and read what was written as information for that input

All the best

Thanks a lot. That worked!

Hi friend, just try to save as "wrl" format that file from Mathematica and try to give location in Mantis by that path where you have saved file.

Hi, In this case He doesn't need Mantis at all. Just, Open Rhino and import it like any 3d model.





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