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Will it be possible in the future releases to export geometry and preserve its attributes? Right now we can export them to the same file with same layer name, object names, colors etc. However, it's strongly needed to not lose any information in the process because we need it later. I tried Export Objects component from Elefront plugin, it has most of the options which I mentioned but its performance is very, very slow. So right now I have two different solutions, but I'm kinda in between and neither first or second suits my needs.

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Hi There! 

i am having the same request. I currently create objects by reading length, width, heights and many more tags from an excel list. i want to bake them into single files, including all tags of the attribute user text .

(by the way it would be great if the keys for volume, etc would be enhanced by all the objects' information, so we could manipulate the object, by changing values there, or in our databases (like excel) and read/write it back and forth).

That way , i'd have an amazing short cut between 3D drawing and mass lists, of my building information modell. a very simple and customizable one. 

in the elefront export component it seems, i cant enter geometry and attributes, created in grasshopper.

Jakub, what is your workaround for this so far?






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