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Here is an update on the previous wishlist expressed by the London users at yesterday's London meeting. We hope you guys find it useful. Our conclusion was that Grasshopper is awesome as it is so no need to consider the suggestions below, but there might still be couple interesting points to look at if David and the community agrees:


-When right-clicking on a component could there be an option to visualize all the connected components following this one specific component? This would help to understand the workflow of a definition.

-It would be good to see which component can be used with specific components. Maybe one could right click on a specific component and ask to visualize other components that could be used with it on the menu tab or help tab?

-When right clicking on a component can there be an option to see an example file using this component to help understand how it works?

-Baking with the geometry's colour (similarly to Giulio's component) would be great.

-Can there be a "live Baking" option where certain geometry can be baked and imported constantly in order to visualize them with the Rhino appearance?

-Otherwise could there be more options to display geometries not as ghosted but maybe with rendered shadow...etc...

-Can an important component be emphasized? maybe by changing its scale or adding a massive arrow on top? Or something that doesn't scale when zooming out?

-The text describing components disappears too soon when zooming out.


-Intelligent groups: The groups are great to organize a definition but the naming of group is too small, can the name of the group be bigger? It would be good if the name of the group was asked when grouping to force the user to organize their definition better.

-A "Clean Button" that would organize messy definitions or a "Space Components" button that would spread components apart when too close (maybe that could be one of the option when right clicking on a group).

-Can the display of wires be changed from curves to straight perpendicular polylines (like on the Millipede plugin).

-Could there be a button to place all the inputs and sliders on one side of the definition?

-The ability to zoom out a little bit further

Visual Programming:

-Can there be ways to deal with loops (like on hoopsnake)? Lab view, another visual programming software does this very nicely.

GH Files:

-A message saying "You are missing Kangaroo, Weaverbird... to run this definition" when opening a definition.


-Can cluster have a "make unique" option that would separate them from the other similar clusters?


-Version Control for Grasshopper, can different versions be shown on a page to understand what has been changed (similarly to Github).


-A Grasshopper to C# translator? To compile definitions into C# and run them as separate plugin for Rhinoceros.

-Can the scripting interfaces be improved as the intellisense doesn't always work? People use Visual Studio just to find the right method to use.


-Can the 3d Mouse work with Grasshopper as it works with Rhinoceros

Many thanks,

Paul, Arthur and the London GH Community

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A question came up re the T-Splines component for GH.  Autodesk have confirmed that an updated component will ship with the T-Splines v4 beta (yes you heard that right) coming out in July..







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