algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I received multiple emails about solar fan and solar envelope and if I want to add this components to Ladybug. Here is how you can calculate both of them with shading designer!

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How can I add the effect of climate parameters like how much foggy or cloudy is the sky on a specific day & hour of a year?and also the air pollution in a day?

Hi Yasaman, Check importEPW component for hourly totalSkyCover. I'm not sure if you can find the data for the air pollution in a day in the weather file. You can read more about the data in an epw file from this link:

Hi Mostapha,

Thank you so much,that's a useful pdf.

I put together two new Ladybug components that have streamlined the generation of the solar fan and solar envelope.  They essentially do what the original GH definitions on this page accomplish.  I have uploaded the components to the github and you can try them out by syncing with Ladybug 0.0.53.  I will upload an example GH file here soon!

Nice work Chris... Also loved the icons. Well done!

Hi Mostapha and Chris,

Nice, both of you!!

I have a question: This works fine with concave shapes. With convex it doesn't. Specially the Fan Envelope.

Any comments?



Hi Abraham,

Thanks for trying the new components. Do you have an example file? I added the issue to github and we will take a look soon. Thanks, -Mostapha

Hi Mostapha,

Attached an example with the issue in the Envelope option. Can't reconstruct the fan problem.




Thanks Abraham!






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