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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if it is possible to have two temperature setpoint depending on the outside temperature. I couldn't solve it since I cant pass the HBzones output through calculation components.

Here in the Netherlands there is a requirement for fresh schools, wherby the outside temperature decides the indoor temperature set points.

So if outdoor temp. is below 10 than the indoor temp. is between 20 - 24 degrees

and if outdoor temp is above 10 than the indoor temp. should be between 23 - 26.

Attached is a really simplified picture for what i mean. 

Hopefully someone can help and tell me if this is possible.

gr. Lars

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Hi Kraakie,

You can get the outdoor temperature from import epw, and then generate a csv schedule for setpoints based on outdoor temperature and occupancy. That should do it for you.


Hey Mostapha,

Thanks for the reply, maybe I make a mistake but as soon as I connect the heating and cooling setpoint schedules the zonesizing error arises, which I had earlier. see link.

What's wrong?

gr. Kraakie



There is something that sounds me suspicious about the requirements you wrote above.

Below 10C you set the temp to 20-24 (which is heating).

Above 10C you set the temp to 23-26 (which is also heating? Or cooling?)

What if you have 20C? You need to heat to 24-26?

What if you have 28? Then you cool to 24-26?

Something is missing here ...

Or am i wrong? (In this case i don't understand the logic).

Besides that, you are simulating 3 zones instead of 1. Your conncetions of all the HB_setEPZoneSchedules to the HB_setEPIdealAir is causing this. Messy ... a little bit.


Hey Abraham,

yes, so:

for outside temperatures below 10C the indoor temperature must be in a range of 20-24C.  

for outside temperatures above 10C the indoor temperature must be in a range of 23-26C.

So the indoor set point temperature depends on the outside temperature. I know it might sound a bit silly for thermal comfort. 

For example in summer (when temp can reach 20 or 28C) the indoor temperature might still be 21C than the room is heated to 23C, but due to internal gains the indoor temp can also reach 28C, than you must obviously cool down to 23-26C.

So therfore I need two setpoint on both heating and cooling, where you normally set the range for the whole year or half a year (summer/winter).

As can be seen from the figure, the red shows the time when the indoor temperature should be in a range of 23-26, this is where the outside temp is equal or above 10C.

Hope this explaination and examples help to understand the issue.

Gr. Kraakie







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