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Hey guys,

I am trying to run energy simulation for a whole building in energyplus and I am encountering sever errors when I run the simulation. The error I am getting is this:

9. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
   ** Severe  ** FenestrationSurface:Detailed="ZONE_4_SRF_3_GLZ_0", invalid blank Outside Boundary Condition Object

And there are tons of these errors for each zone.

I have attached grasshopper file. I tried to set every thing right. I do not know what might be the problem and how can I fix it. Could anybody tell me if I set my model right or wrong?

I would appreciate your help and response.

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Hi Mitra:

Your GH script does not have the geometry. You need to internalize the geometry or attache the Rhino file. Thanks,


Dear Mohammed,

Thank you for letting me know. I have uploaded the rhino file here.




Hi Mitra,

I don't know exactly what the problem is but your script looks complicated and it takes a long time to run. I tried to simplify it and it woks. Have a look to the attachment and let me know if you have a question. If you have a reason of doing your scrip the way you did and want to make it works, someone else might be apple to look to it and help you.

Thank you,


Here is the GH file


Thank you so much for your help. That seems really good and it completely works as a start, I just have to introduce internal windows to that. My intention was to introduce internal windows between atriums and internal spaces so I divided the zones. Also for next steps I may need to define different conditions for different zones. Don't know if I can make that to work. But the model that you sent me is a big help. Thanks again for your time.








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