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[clarified, WIP] How to set HB generator related output variables and how to define generator system when using Export to OpenStudio component?

I noticed that HBgenration_  node is not shown on the latest HB Generate EP Output component (see image 1 below), and the HBGenerators_ node is also missing from the HB Export to OpenStudio component (see image 2 below).

So, the questions are:

1. how to specify generator related output variables

2. where the HBGeneratorSystem node on the HB Generationsystem component (see image 3 below) shall connect to if we use the HB Export to OpenStudio component for simulation


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Hi Ji, HBGenratorSystem currently doesn't work with the OpenStudio component. I'm not sure if OpenStudio API is currently supporting these objects but if they do we should be able to add them to the workflow. Anton and Chris should know more about the details.

Thanks, Mostapha!

I want ask if HBgenration_  node is removed from the latest HB Generate EP Output component, then how can we obtained the results related to the PV generation system. Can we keep this option on the HB Generate EP Output component?


I admittedly got a bit overzealous in my desire to transition people over to the OpenStudio component and my hope that Anton would be able to apply the HBGenerator capabilities on the OpenStudio component quickly. I think that the OpenStudio API has everything that we need but, if not, there is a class inside the OS component for writing features not in OS into the Idf that could take care of it.

I just took out everything because I didn't want to create a precedent for two divergent streams of development between the E+ and OpenStudio components. I also wanted to be able to say that this past release had the same capabilities implemented on both components. I'll add back the generator outputs on the Generate EP Output component soon.


Dear Chris, Mostapha & Anton,

I wonder if the HB Generator function has been integrated into the Run OpenStudio component which is supposed to replace the Run EP component.

Currently, we are running some BiPV related simulation. Seems we have to use the Run EP component to get the output variables related to PV ...



The HBGenerator workflow is now the only part of Honeybee Energy models that has not yet been integrated with the OpenStudio component and that is because I had been waiting for Anton (the author of HBGenerators) to transfer it over.  I get the sense that Anton might start doing this soon as he just translated his Earth Tube workflow over:


Thanks for the update, Chris.

Looking forward to trying Anton's much anticipated integration of the generator function in the OpenStudio component.

- Ji






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