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Hello all!

I am writing my master thesis on innovative building performance simulation software and how useful they are in architectural design. As I am trying many different geometrical configurations, I have a problem regarding a single surface that is marked as "ceiling" by Honeybee's Adjacency module , while it should be an outdoor "roof". Is there anyway I could change its type manually or tweak the settings of Adjacency module so it gets it right?

Thanks in advance!


P.S. GH file is attached.

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Hi Ehsan

You need to decompose your brep using the Grasshopper debrep component and then set the surface type for each surface using the Honeybee srfType_ component.

You can then join it all back together again using the Honeybee_createHBZones component.

Hi Ehsan,

Anton's suggestion should solve your issue. The issue happens because Honeybee fails to figure out the adjacencies correctly. Do you really need the geometry to be this complex? EnergyPlus will probably take a good amount of time to run the analysis for this geometry.

Honeybee can handle complex geometries but EnergyPlus is not designed to handle a lot of faces. Watch this video for an example of complex geometry. Should be good to see the output of your work.





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