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Hi everyone.

I have some questions regarding the display of the annual total solar radiation chart.

The picture below is the baked geometry in Rhino.

- How do you modify the position of the secondary x-and y-axes? And how do you make them invisible?

- How do you change the x- and y-scale of the chart? For instance displaying every 10 degrees of azimuth?

- My input surface is a hyperbolic paraboloid, facing south symmetrically. How does the component calculate its tilt and azimuth?

- Is it possible to do this for multiple surfaces at the same time? For instance for a tangential tessellation of rectangular standardized solar panels on the hyperbolic paraboloid.


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Something is definitively wrong with your Rhino.

Here is a screenshot of 5 different "S" inputs that I used, showing different text dot font sizes:

The column on the top left has size of 14 (Rhino's default text dot font size), then 12, 10, 8 and the column on the far right 6.

Indeed when you try to print them, they all look the same:

which seems to be some limitation of Rhino 5.

I attached below a new python component which will bake text instead of text dots. Rhino 5 does not have a problem with printing of their sizes.Replace it with previous text dots baking python component.

The "Refresh" button should be pressed before you decide to bake


Brilliant djordje. That solved my problem.

Yes I may have some Rhino display issues due to my graphic card which is Radeon.

Apparently Rhino works better with NVIDIA or others.






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