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Hi everyone! 
is there someone that tried using CLT panels on Karamba? 

how you define different inertial modulus in the ortotropic material? 

have you some examples about this? 


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Hi Iorenzo,

you can specify orthotropic materials via Karamba3D's 'MatProps'-component by switching 'Material Type' to 'Orthotropic'.

In case of CLT-panels one has to calculate equivalent Young's and shear Modulus for the two main directions of the panel based on the thickness, position and stiffness of the individual wood layers.

Please see standard text-books on mechanics of materials for how to make layered and uniform cross sections equivalent with respect to their bending- or axial stiffness

I currently do not have an example on this.



Ok, i have my sheets with all kinds of timber: C20,C24..ecc, 

- I can chose the material C24 from my timber.  
- Then i can chose the height of the section, number of layers as well. 
- Create cross section (with total Height, it doesn't affect the weight) 
- Then i need to Desasemble Cros section and Change Ix and Iy with the corresponding value of the my CLT section (the value that take in count that only some layer contribute in X and Y direction). 

Is could be right? 

Maybe there is two alternatives: 
1) I i take in count my CLT only in the may direction (like one-way slab) i can create an equivalent Height inverting the Ix formula. 
2)since i can change Ixx and Iyy directly in my Cross Section, If i want two-way, maybe i can change Stiffnes (EI)eff manteining Ix and Iy like in the section compontent, and change in the material Eo in the two direction . 

Sorry its only my dwelling. 


Hello Iorenzo,

I think the best option is to chose the cross section such that the total height corresponds to the real cross section. This will give you the correct dead weight. Then set the Young's Modulus such that you get the correct bending or axial stiffness - depending on whether the CLT is used for bending or in-plane forces.

In case you want to optimize the cross sections also modify the material strength.



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