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Moved from Daniel Piker Video curved folding 

I've tried to develop a definition (without getting the same result)

even if the definition seems to work (with the mesh present on paper.3dm), the transition between the flat sheet and the curved fold sheet is not happening ...instead it looks like that the sheet just happen to get to the final shape without any plausible explanation...I'm kind of confused any help?





Curved folding with Kangaroo from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.





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You need to somehow apply a force to move the paper out of a single plane.

One simple way of doing this is to pull in 2 or more points with a variable length spring:

Attached is a definition for this. I also increased the strength of your planarization force.

There are many other ways of actuating the folding, such as moving anchor points, attraction forces, etc

Eventually I do plan to put in more rotational forces like hinges that could drive the folding directly



Hi Daniel,


I was fealing something was missing!!

now with the green line I see how it was working !!....


Thanks for the clue !

and also thank you so much for KANGAROOO!!!


Thanks for posting this Daniel!


I've been experimenting with paper folding in Kangaroo.  I'm a little new with this but the technique that I'm developing instigates a fold with bending forces.  Valley folds are given a bending force in one direction while mountain folds are given a bending force in the opposite. 


Attached is what I set up for this definition. The technique works with other crease patterns as well, and you can ideally reverse the direction of the fold, although it runs amok after enough iterations.



I'm attempting something similar. I'm fairly new to grasshopper and especially kangaroo. I want to create a simple system of folds that will allow one hinged panel to control the rest of the system.In this case, the purple panel will lift the left side up like this.

the more complex version uses the red panel to lift the left side, and then the green panel will deform it to the side, like this. . .Here are my attached Rhino and grasshopper files. I seem close, but I can't seem to keep my quads planar. Also, any suggestions for how I can better organize my geometry would be appreciated. Thank in advance!








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