algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This example shows the use of the new user object for origami simulation.

As input you provide a flat mesh of the folding pattern, curves to assign as either mountain or valley folds, target angles, and folding amount, with 0 being flat and 1 being completely folded.

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Hello, I am new to grasshopper, can someone please tell me how to create the mesh required for different variations in this example?


Great, that is very cool!

I am trying to create a mesh of flat folding pattern (as the one in the definition Origami_simplified). However, my objective is to be able to change the size of the single triangle after. (I dont really need to fold the mesh after as in the picture above, but I need the same pattern with modifiable size of the triangles)

I tried to generate the pattern myself but currently no satisfactory result, so any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I am getting a message saying that the force does not have output. Could someone help with that :P



i dont understand the imputs to put, could someone explain me?

and also, what is the diference between valley fold lines and mountain fold lines.

thank you so much, marina.  

Hi there,

I am new to grasshopper and have only just begun to understand parametric design. I am doing my final year thesis of my post graduate degree in Architecture on deployable interactive systems

I have tried to reverse engineer this definition to try to understand  how it works. I managed to get as far as getting the Resch pattern to simulate however I can not get it to open/close at the desired angles. I was hoping that someone in this group can help me understand what I am doing wrong. Please find attached definition.

Also is there a way to do this with kangaroo 2 components rather than using kangaroophysics from kangaroo 1

The next step that I would to explore with this is to try to get the valley&mountain fold curves to move with the simulation like a frame which is made up of linkages that pivot.

looking forward to hearing the responses



Just an update I managed to get it to work, it was a case of moving the mesh surface onto the plane.I am not sure why that it is but it has worked, if somebody could clarify why that is that would be great. Also the mesh pattern  does bend over a bit when the simulation is completed, I assume that is to do with the angle or the hinge it would be nice to get it so it is flat.


Hi, I downloaded ur file and tried clicking the kangaroo button, but it is not launching the time control. May I know the reason?

Hey. origami on a flat surface of a circle is diagonal, help me find an algorithm, you can do everything, I ask for any recommendations, thanks for all the tips and solutions





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