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Hi all,

Apologies if you have seen this in the grasshopper discussion but I feel it may be more relevant here. I have been working on a series of research looking at self-organisation and self-assembly. As part of this I have been using grasshopper and various plugins to try and explore these phenomena digitally.
I came across a brilliant set of scripts and applets by nervous system, a design studio working with algorithms to produce jewellery and other designs. In particular I am trying to replicate their hyphae lamps that are grown using algorithms based on leaf venation.
See their work here:

If you scroll down they have placed a video explaining step by step how the growth system works or alternatively watch the video directly on vimeo:

I am still learning grasshopper and kangaroo and also have tried to look at hoopsnake for looping or iterative functions. I am trying to achieve this without scripting initially. I feel that this is achievable within Grasshopper's and Kangaroo's definitions.

I have added notes to my definition so far to try and highlight where I am going however I am very new to both Grasshopper and Kangaroo.
This is a work in progress but I would really appreciate any comments or any help anyone can give with this to let me know if I am heading in the right direction.


Many thanks,


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Wow amazing Michael

I'm working exactly on this issue for my thesis. As you said I also believe that the algorithm can be defined by grasshopper and hoopsnake but i don't think kangaroo is needed. Anyway I will soon solve this problem and If I do i will share it for sure :) The Website was extremely informative thanks for sharing. Have you studied the algorithm? I am using an algorithm from a research paper in the computer science field.

Hi Mohammad,

Thanks for your comments although I think I am quite a way of replicating their scrip,t I will keep working on it.

Regarding the algorithms used I haven't actually studied them. It is something I would like to go back to in the future when I get a bit more spare time. If you are interested Nervous said on their site that they looked at the work of Adam Runions and the Algorithmic Botany group.

Below is a link to their work followed by a link to a specific paper or algorithmic modelling of leaf venation patterns.


Do you have a link to the research paper you are using? I would be very interested to read through it. I would also be interested to read your thesis once it is published, however far in the future that may be.

Hi Michael

You're welcome :) well I have exactly read the paper + there is also a dissertation which talks about it more

I have also copied the algorithm from the 2005 paper in a word document which i have attached (for open venation)

this is a new one

anyway it will definitely be an interesting topic for architecture

you can check this out too


Thanks well I guess I will finish my thesis soon & my pleasure to share :)


Hi Michael,

thanks for the file! A message is appearing when I open it, saying that "(..)parameter chunk is missing. Archive is corrupt". Do u have some idea? 

Thanks for following this everyone, I have been working on the definition a bit more but it now needs to become an iterative process so I have moved my progress and the discussion to the hoopsnake group on this forum. If you are interested in following it still you can find the new discussion at the below link:




A little late to the party.. But did you ever figure out a solution to make this in grasshopper without scripting?

Kind regards,






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