algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello Daniel i have downloaded and installed Kangaroo 2 but i cant interact with the rhino viewport, i have installed rhino 5 64 sr11, both files are unlocked, do you have any idea why this happens?

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Thanks, that worked.  Sorry if I missed a later announcement, but at least now we can put a fork in this thread.

This is a very impressive thing you have wrote!  I look with interest at MeshMachine, but perhaps I should ask about that in another thread.

Hi Daniel , 

    Just to report to you , I test your example file : ,

    My Grab component is not work.  ALT KEY is not work too . 

    WIin7 64 , Rhino 64bit SR12 , GH9.0076 , Kangaroo2.14 , with .Netframework 4.5.1


    I notice , the Kangaroo2.14 solver is different with the example one , see pic .


    If I use 2.14 solver , grab component and add one curve , I can move the end points in viewport by mouse left click + alt . 

    But if I use 2.14 solver grab component , link with angle snap or some other goals , the error comes again . 

    I supose your previous example is different solver than latest 2.14 one .

    Thank you 



At last , I resolved it , 

We must forget the example files !!!

for example : , I have replace latest grab and solver component . .

After following this thread, turning off the COFF and setting k2 component's loading preference to Force Direct the grab component works while holding down the alt key. I'm not sure if that helps anyone.

I've got a somewhat different problem.

I've just installed Kangaroo 2 on my Win 10 and was able to drag things around with the Grab component right from the start, but I cant make any anchor point with the right click. I've turned COFF loading off, and set K2 component to load in force direct mode and my .NET framework is 4.6, but still the RMB press in not detected and no anchors are placed.

Any ideas on that?


Hi Stepan, this is my mistake - Right click to anchor isn't working in the current version. I'll try and get it fixed for the next one.

Hi Daniel,

I see.
I'll be looking forward to the new release then. Mouse anchoring sound like a really useful feature.
Thanks anyway!

Hi Daniel,
Just wondering if there is a ETA for the fix?
It would be super helpful for a project I'm doing.
Many thanks!

hello dvdrbls

could u please send me the file of kangaroo 2 to my mail id ( or could u upload it to ur google drive account and send me the link( in case if he file is greater than 25mb). the website is not available to download kangaroo 2






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