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I was trying to create a cushion out of a curved, flat, vertical surface without much success. I combed through many discussions surrounding Kangaroo and was able to salvage some components from different definitions. However, the end result is nowhere close to what I have in my sketch. Hopefully, you guys can give me some pointers.

The curve is referenced in from Rhino and then used as a centerline for the cushion. I was only able to inflate it on one side.

In addition, I could not create a surface out of the output points from Kangaroo. The resulted surface seems to fold onto itself although I already have the expression for input U to be x+1.

Here are my 2 questions:

1) How can I inflate the mesh from both sides?

2) What is the best method to create a surface from these output points?

I attached both the Rhino and grasshopper file here. You will need Kangaroo 2 to open the definition. Thanks so much!

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firstly you will need separate meshes for each side,

secondly you will have to make sure that the nodes or the lines of both the sides don't match, so basically shift the mesh ahead a bit and merge the nodes.

then the forces on both the meshes should be opposite.

let me know if it works. !

This makes the geometry. 

but as i said you will require two meshes discreet to make sure that they inflate properly







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