algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i'm trying to unroll this camel object but it always gives me that error >>when i come to the step where the "simple flap" component is connected to the "flat fabrication "component

this camel object  is a "closed mesh " ...

n.b: this camel was a 3ds model that i reduced it's polygons by another script and that was the result i then used to be unrolled 

this photo show the script i used to polygonize the model

i tried to change the object with another simple one but still gives the same error 

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Hi Ammar. 

Can you share the definition with the mesh objects included ? 

I can't tell from your screenshots if it is a model problem or not. 



here you can find the gh file and the rhino too 

i would be thankful if you can find the problem solution ! :) 


So. You have multiple problems with your model. 

1. Your mesh reduction script produces a non manifold mesh. This means that there are edges with more than 2 faces - this results in the flat-fab error. (Camel)

2. Mesh reduction script produces a disjoint mesh. (Camel and sphere) I used a mesh weld vertices component to fix this. See attached.

3. The mesh has non planar quads. These can produce fabrication errors. I triangulated these. (Camel and sphere)

You need to clean your camel model in order to get rid of the errors or use something different for poly reduction.

The sphere works in the attached definition.




really thanks for that ....

but what do you mean by cleaning the model ? does that mean that the camel original model already have multiple faces for the edges before its polygonized ? or is it the script that creates these multiple faces for the edge ? if so is there any suggestions for how to clean that error ? 






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