algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Andrei,

I'm an independent researcher working on a fabrication related project. I would like to reference your work in developing the plugin and the segmentation, unrolling algorithms, do you have a paper/thesis that I should cite.

Thanks for the great plugin.


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Hi Victor, 

First, thank you for asking.

As a matter of fact I have two papers presenting the research behind Ivy. Both were presented at ACADIA 2016 and 2017, feel free to cite any of them (or both :) )

Here is the link. 

Also if you are fabricating something with Ivy please share some images if you can. I would love to see what people are able to achieve using it. 



Great, I'm presenting in ACM SCF '18. Will cite your paper.

Thank you for the great plugin. On a side note, I am making some tweaks to your kruskal algorithm. I'll share my findings with you after the conference. Maybe you would like to incorporate that into Ivy. 






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