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Hi everyone,

I have been trying to replicate an algorithm in 2D, used by nervous system to produce their hyphae lamps (see image below) using grasshopper without any additional scripting. I think this is possible especially with the use of hoopsnake now for performing iterative or recursive functions.

My progress so far has got to a point where I can get the vein to grow initially and place some additional nodal points however I am now at a point. It may be possible to continue with the same process however using a parametric script is becoming redundant due to the length and repetitive nature. I'd like to try hoopsnake to solve this but the input will change each time as the number of vein nodes grows. Is this possible on hoopsnake?

For a video of the process I am trying to replicate please see this video by nervous system:

And check out their blog here:

My previous questions and process can be found on a discussion in the kangaroo group:


My definition so far is attached to this post. I have also attached a pdf of the algorithm the lamps are based on from a research paper by Adam Runions that Mohammad Yazdi sent me. I would really appreciate any comments or help anyone can give me with this. 


Regards, Michael


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Hi Dan!
Thank you so much for the definition, I opened it on GH but I don't know what is missing. You are using only Hoopsnake as a plugin, right? This component turned orange. Do you have idea of how can I solve this?


Hello Dan

I'm super interested by you model of mycelium but I can't run it. I have several error:
with the component HS, geo and the drawing of the line. Can you help please? 

Many thanks

Hi everyone!

Using Dan's GH script, my team and I come out with a series of iterations using different parameter input. We compiled the iteration outputs into a catalog. Hope it can help those who are interested in this topic. 







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