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Thank you for this very interesting plug-in,
I would like to work with a .shp file projected in lambert93 (EPSG: 2154). I am unable to use the import vector function with heron version 0.3.6. Should I use a custom CRS? Version 0.2.0 works with .shp files in the lambert93 coordinate system, but version 0.3.6 does not.
I would like to use version 0.3.6 since there are more features, I especially need the ESRI REST Geocode function which does not work in version 0.2.0.
I also cannot reproject my .shp data manually to WGS84 using QGIS, although it works, since I have thousands of files.
Do you have a solution to use the import vector function in the lambert93 coordinate system?
Thank you

Screenshots of Heron 0.2.0 :



Screenshots of Heron 0.3.6 :




GH files :

SHP files :






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Hi Paul,

There is definitely a bug in my code that I will be looking into over the weekend.  The component only seems to work without a boundary, setting cropIt to false and with the default SRS of WGS84.  This is related to the bug reported by Evgeny here.  Thanks for posting the files at issue, they will help me troubleshoot.

Thanks Brian for your response,
The component works without entering limits with cropit false, but the outputs are probably projected in another coordinate system (WGS84?): They are located very far from the origin point of the Rhino coordinate system.
Good luck with the code correction, thank you!

Thanks Paul.  If the geometry is far away, it may be because you haven't set the earth anchor point yet.

Despite using the set earth anchor point component, the outputs are very far from the point of origin ...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for pointing out this bug.  I think I've fixed it in the new v0.3.7 uploaded yesterday.  If you have the  chance, please take a look and let me know if it works.


Thanks Brian for your update! It works perfectly!






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