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Shapefile still skewed in WSG84 - How to use userSRS ?

Hi Brian! 

Thanks for such an awesome plugin! I am new to working with GIS information and the Rhino/GH GIS workflow and I am experiencing some issues with importing a shapefile. I realized that the skewed nature of the shapefile was due to the difference in CRS ( mine was initially in NAD83. But i went into QGIS and reprojected it to WSG84/ Pseudo Mercator)  the ImportVector component reads the source file to have this CRS, but the building outline is still skewed. Any tips on how to fix this? I don't know what the issue is really... Attached screenshot and zip folder to shp. files! 

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Hi Evgeny,
I have noticed that the only way to get the points in the correct projection system is to use the ImportVector function in EPSG: 4326 (WGS84) and to project the output points in EPSG:32637 using the coordinate transform function.
The algorithm works with the set anchor point on 0,0.

Here is the screenshot and the .gh:


I think there is still a bug in the ImportVector function: UserSRS does not seem to work correctly, User feature points are not reprojected in the correct coordinate system when entering EPSG: 32637. This is why I reproject the points in EPSG: 32637 after the ImportVector function.
The "extents" curve is far from the output points especially when using SetAnchorPoint 0,0. It does not appear to be EPSG: 4326 or EPSG: 32637.
The problem is that the input Bounbary Curve must be inside the "extents" curve so I don't know how to define this input curve.

I have the same problem with EPSG: 2154

I found a temporary solution to define a Boundary curve :


Hi Brian,

I am having a similar issue with shapefiles. I used @it and wanted to use your method. I have trouble finding Heron v0.3.7. When Grasshopper downloads it, it cannot install it. The food4rhino version is not updated. Is there a way to download it?

Thank you

I'm not sure why the Package Manager would have trouble installing it.  Are you on a Mac?  If so, Heron doesn't currently work on Mac, but a Mac version is in the works.

I've just started posting releases on Github if you want to download directly:






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