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Hi all,

First, off I love the potential of the Heron Add-On!

However, I am having some trouble getting a few SHP layers into my Heron 'scene'.

I have seen in some of the previous posts that Heron uses Psuedo Mercator / EPSG 3857.

I am not sure how I can reproject my current SHP files to have that designation.

But, I am also not sure if this is the problem I am having.

I am working in South Florida.

I am getting some data that will work in project in Heron (GIS info from the State).

I am getting some data that will not import (GIS info from Broward County).

I have attached Landuse (from the State).

I have attached Vacant Commerical (from the County).

The error I get from the County data is that:

1. Floating parameter Pt failed to collect data

I can try to use a simple Imt SHP component to bring in the misbehaving SHP layer, but it tosses the information far from my Heron input boundary.

Any help in figuring this out would be really appreciated.

Also! A quick somewhat related question ... does anyone know how to 'edit' a IMG/HGT/RAW/GEOTIFF file in Photoshop (using the brush to modify terrain), and then re-import the file?

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I was able to get the two shapefiles to work when I tried (see attached GH).  Is your boundary curve inside both the extents of land use and vacant lots?


Brian, hi

Thanks so much for the reply.

The boundary was not inside the extents ... 

But, it is working now after resetting the Earth Anchor and redrawing the Boundary.

Thank you again.

Fantastic plugin!






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