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The TerrainShadingMask component seems to have the wrong link to Open Topography similar to the issue in the discussion regarding the Terrain Generator:

Is there an easy way arounds this or is Gismo being updated?

Thank you for an amazing pug-in!

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Hi Christopher,
Thank you for the remainder! To be honest, I forgot to change the links for "Terrain Shading Mask" component.
They are changed today. The latest example file can be downloaded from here:

Also if you want to have the updated "Terrain Shading Mask" component all the time, download it from here:

Drag-and-drop it to your grasshopper canvas. This will make sure that whenever you drag the "Terrain Generator" component from the Grasshopper tabs, the new, updated version is used.

djordje, you are awesome! I really appreciate the quick response. Thank you again for the amazing plug-in! Excelent work!

Hi Christopher,
Thank you for the kind words.
Mind if I ask, for what purpose are you using the terrain mask?

Hi djordje,

I am using it for site context and solar analysis for rural projects that I have been working on as an architectural service. I combine the Terran Mask with LiDAR point cloud data as you can see in the snip below. This has been a great tool to help orient the client within their unbuilt project, and to get a more accurate solar study. 

I am doing this as a courtesy right now, but If I get a commission I am happy to help or contribute to gismo in any way I can. 

Thank you again!

Terrain Shading Mask with Topo and Planting generated from LiDAR data

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for sharing your work.
Terrain has been generated with Gismo as well?

The most valuable contribution to Gismo are replies like this - where people share their work.
That, and possible recommendations, shortcomings and bug reports.

Either of these two would suffice.

Hi djordje,

Thank you again!

The terrain and planting elements are generated by processing a point cloud file from Open Topography and the Montana Lidar Inventory  for its higher resolution accuracy and efforts to it becoming recognized by the local building authority.

The processed point cloud data is then brought into grasshopper and synchronized with the location of the Terrain Shading Mask to complete the site.

I appreciate your sentiments to contribution and hold you efforts in high regard!

Thank you for the kind words Christopher.
And thanks for sharing the details from your project. It does look interesting.
If you have any other issues do not hesitate to ask.






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